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Invest in the Future of Iowa Bicycling

The mission of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition is to promote bicycling as safe and enjoyable transportation and recreation. The work we are able to achieve is due to our members! Our membership network is our voice and the bigger the network is, the louder our voice will be.

Businesses play a vital role in creating a bike-friendly state. When businesses offer incentives for bicycling and make it easier for their employees to commute by bike, it encourages employees to try it. The more an employee bikes to work, on average, the healthier, happier, and more productive the employee becomes. This leads to a greater economic advantage for your business, in addition to the environmental benefits due to fewer cars on the road.

By joining the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, you support the programs and efforts we do to facilitate healthier and more active lifestyles. It benefits both employers and employees to promote healthy living. People who are encouraged to bike to and from work, to run errands by bike, and/or to bike in their leisure time perform better at their jobs because they are more energized and alert. A positive environment is easily created with a healthier and more productive workforce, thus creating higher retention of quality employees.

Help us become the #1 Bike Friendly State in the Nation!

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Member Business $100-$249

  • Window Decal
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Business Name,Link, and Contact Information featured on Iowa Bicycle Coalition website
  • Sponsorship Opportunities for Iowa Bicycle Coalition Events
  • Shout out on Social Media when Joining or Renewing

Partner Business $250-$999

  • Member Business Benefits
  • Name & Contact information in upcoming Bike Guide
  • Bi-Monthly Emails
  • Bike Friendly Business Application Help

Premium Business $1,000+

  • Partner Business Benefits
  • Business Logo & Link on Iowa Bicycle Coalition Website
  • $10 Discount for Employees